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'TRC Book of Papers' is the Proceedings of the Textile Research Conference (TRC), the Annual Event from The Centre for Research & Innovation in Science, Arts & Technology (CRISAT)

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed CTex FTI, VC,
Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

Professor Mustafizur Rahman,
Ahsanullah Uni of Science & Tech (AUST)

Professor Ayub Nabi Khan, Pro VC,
BGMEA University of Fashion & Tech (BUFT)

Professor Syed Fakhrul Hasan, Dean (Sc&E),
Southeast University (SEU)

Professor Md. Zulhash Uddin, Dean (TCE), Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

Professor Ahmed Sharif, Head, MME
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

Professor M. Abu Eusuf, Director,
Budget & Policy Centre, Dhaka University (DU)

Professor Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan,
Dept. of Chemistry, Dhaka University (DU)

Dr. Richard Kennon,
University of Manchester (UoM)

Dr. Pammi Sinha,
University of Leeds (UoL)

Editor & Co-Chair
Dr. Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem CTex FTI
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

TRC Book of Papers: ISSN 2518-6639 (Online), ISSN 2413-9629 (Print); All Issues since 2014

5th Textile Research Conference (TRC), September 2020!
Venue: Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Call for Papers for the 5th Textile Research Conference (TRC) 2020 will be open soon. All relevant information can be downloaded from the below links:
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3rd Textile Research Conference (TRC), 29 October 2016!
Venue: Dhaka City, Bangladesh

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Front Material

Editorial Board & Committees

Table of Content

Technical Session 1: Apparel & Fashion [9:30 to 11:00]

Virtual Fashion and Fit, by: Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Framing Corporate Social Responsibility to achieve Sustainability in Export-oriented Apparel Industry in Bangladesh, by: Polin Kumar Saha* and Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Integrated Quality Management and Information System (IQMIS) for Apparel Industry, by: Aziz Hossain Mazumder

Technical Session 2: Textile Industry, Ecology & Sustainability [11:00 to 12:30]

Effect of Mordanting Process on Cotton Dyeing with Acacia Catechu, by: Israt Zerin* and A B M Foisal

Case Study on Greening Readymade Garments Sector: Incentive Analysis of Various Stakeholders, by: M Abu Eusuf
PDF not available

Development of Eco-friendly Garments Washing for localized Fading Effect: A future Sustainable Process for Single-step Dyeing-Fading, by: Md. Delwar Hossain

Low Energy Bleaching, by: Alan Flack
PDF not available

Technical Session 3: Technical Textiles & Plenary Session [2:30pm to 4:30pm]

Effect of Ceramic Coatings on the Fire Protection of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites, by: Forkan Sarker*, Baljinder Kandola, Piter Myler and Abu Naser Saifullah

Braiding: From Cordage to Composites, by: Sree Shankhachur Roy* and Prasad Potluri

Decontamination and decolourization of Textile Effluent by Ionizing Radiation: Steps towards to 3R concept, by: Jahid M M Islam, Serajum Manir, Jubaer Arefin, Md Firoz Mortuza, Megan Wilson and Mubarak A Khan*

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Front Material

Editorial Board & Committees

Table of Content

Technical Session 1: Textile Materials & Composite[9:30am to 11:00am]

Page 1-3: Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Needlepunched Nonwoven Geotextiles, by: M. M. A. Sayeed* and Amit Rawal

Page 4-7: Study on the Chemical Modification, Process Optimization and Spinning Properties of Jute Fibre, by: Md. Moslem Uddin*, Md. Shahid Ullah, Sweety Shahinur and Mohammad Abdullah Kaysar

Extraction of bamboo fibres in the environmentally benign methods and their distinctive properties, by: Tarannum Afrin
Presentation only; Paper Not Available

Technical Session 2: Textile Chemistry & Clothing Technology [11:15am to 1:00pm]

Page 8-10: Micelle-Assisted Dyeing of Cotton with Reactive Dyes, by: Muhammad Shah Miran*, Marjanul Manjum, Md. Mominul Islam, A. S. M. Hafizur Rahman Nixon, M. Yousuf Ali Mollah, and Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan

Page 11-14: Effect of Functional Group of Reactive Dye on Properties of Dyed Cotton Fabric, by: Md. Mahabub Hasan*, Sanjida Sultana, and Shah Mohammad Fatah-ur-Rahman;

Page 15-17: Advances in Virtual Prototyping: Opportunities for Clothing Manufacturers, by: Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Plenary Session & Technical Session 3: Sustainability and Industrial Issues [2:30pm to 4:30pm]

Page 18-20: Electrochemical Approach for Treatment of Textile Effluents, by: Md. Saddam Hossain, A. S. M. Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan, M. Yousuf Ali Mollah, and Md. Mominul Islam*

Interventions related to Increasing Presence of Ready Made Garments (RMG) Industry of Bangladesh, by: Wasel Bin Shadat
Presentation only; Paper Not Available

Problems and Prospects of Weaving Sector of Bangladesh, by: Md. Mahbubul Haque
Presentation only; Paper Not Available

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Front Material

Editorial Board & Committees

Table of Content

Technical Session 1:Textile Materials & Composite [9:30am to 11:00am]

Page 1-4: Conductive Coating of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Filament Yarn, by: A. B. M. Foisal

Page 5-8: Study on the Percolation Threshold of Conductive Yarn, by: Md. Mahabub Hasan

Page 9-13: Mechanical Properties of Surface modified Jute Fibre/Polypropylene Nonwoven Composites, By: M. M. A. Sayeed*, Amit Rawal, L. Onal and Y. Karaduman

Page 14-17: Comparing CIS Cotton with Indian Cotton in respect of Performance, by: A N M Ahmedullah

Page 18-20: Effect of the meso-scale geometry on the mechanical properties of textile composites, by: Rishad Rayyaan*, William Richard Kennon and Prasad Potluri

Page 21-25: Influence of Fiber Architecture on Tensile Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites, by: Rejaul Hasan* and Prasad Potluri
PDF Not Available

Technical Session 2: Textile Chemistry & Environmental Sustainability [11:15am to 12:45pm]

Page 26-28: An Eco-friendly Textile Technique: Pollution Reduction and Water Saving by Reusing Mercerization Effluent, by: Arun Kanti Guha

Page 29-32: Environmental Sustainability Evaluation of Apparel Product: A Case Study on Knitted T-Shirt, by: Md. Mazedul Islam* and Md. Mashiur Rahman khan

Page 33-35: Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater Containing Organic Dyes, by: Md. Mominul Islam*, Md. Abu Hasan Bin Susan and M. Yousuf Ali Mollah

Page 36-39: Improving Photostability of Thermochromic Colorants with Ultraviolet Absorbers and hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, by: Muksit Ahamed Chowdhury*, B S Butola and Mongala Joshi

Plenary Session & Technical Session 3 [2:30pm to 4:30pm]

Page 40-43: Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial Alginate Nanofibres, by: Md Forhad Hossain*, Hugh Gong and Muriel Rigout
PDF Not Available

Page 40-43: Nanotechnology for Smart Textile, by: Md. Abu Hasan Bin Susan*, Md. Mominul Islam, Muhammad Shah Miran and M. Yousuf Ali Mollah

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4th Textile Research Conference (TRC) is organised on 30 September 2017; 5th TRC will be organised in September 2020 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Call for Papers will be open soon! About Textile Research Conference (TRC)
TRC is an annual event organised by ClothingInstitute.org, a wing of the CRISAT (Centre for Research & Innovation in Science, Arts & Technology), in association with Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX), in order to promote research activities in textile and apparel sector, to catalyse dissemination of the latest findings from the R&D activities, to provide a platform for networking and exchanging ideas. First TRC was organised on 16 August 2014 in a renowned conference venue in Dhaka. 2nd TRC took place on 26 December 2015, the 3rd one is on 29 October 2016; 4th TRC is on 30 September 2017 in Bangladesh. The conference provides an unique opportunity to the young and experienced researchers from Academia and Industry to present, share and disseminate their research findings.

About ClothingInstitute.org
It is a research network and online platform from CRISAT. It provides a platform for the clothing and textile professionals and researchers with an aim to serve the clothing industry and community. It has been organising "Textile Research Conference (TRC)" in Bangladesh since 2014 to promote the research activities and networking. The institute offers tailor-made and job-specific educational and training programmes for human resource development of the clothing industry. Additionally it offers consultancy services to the industry and carries out research on relevant areas. It has a plan to publish a bi-monthly magazine and a peer-reviewed journal to help growth of a strong knowledge-base within the industry and community. Further details can be obtained from www.clothinginstitute.org


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